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Play Football 2015 is a 3D soccer game where you can play with some of the best national selections of the moment in both friendlies and world tournaments.

The game system in Play Football 2015 – there's no way to hide it – is pretty awful. The AI is almost nonexistent, and the controls in general tend to respond very badly. For example, if you press the button to pass the ball, you have equal chances of kicking it to take a shot on goal. The same thing happens with all the rest of the buttons.

The graphics in Play Football 2015 aren't particularly good either. For some reason, all the players on the field have the number nine on their back. This isn't necessarily a huge problem, but it reflects how much attention to detail has been given to this game.

Play Football 2015 is a rather terrible soccer game. It might be fun because of how ugly it is, but it's hard to recommend. There are plenty of other soccer games for Android that are much better.
By Álvaro Toledo

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher